Nikhil Narayanan

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Seven Tips to Get Things Done in your Large Enterprise

Navigating—or in simplistic terms getting things done—in large organizations needs a lot of patience, interpersonal skills, determination, organizational knowledge (who-does-what), and a positive attitude.

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Re-look At Your URLs: 6 Point Checklist

URLs—be it of a website or a page—are an important part of your brand’s digital face. While creating URLs, marketers (and in some cases tech teams) sometimes end up making mistakes that may have far reaching effects.

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LinkedIn’s Acquisition: A B2B Marketer’s Thoughts

Marketing-Technology space — or martech as they call it — is still in its early days. When it comes to enhancing productivity, bettering processes or measuring, there are way too many tools in action. Connecting the dots — be it for ops, social selling or measurement...
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